LENOVO BIOS Supervisor Password Remov


 LENOVO BIOS Supervisor Password Removal

 LENOVO BIOS AUTO-PATCHER for Supervisor Password Removal


  With that out of the way, using it is pretty simple and it should work on both Windows and Linux as long as you have Python installed https://www.python.org/downloads/.
Just download the zip file and extract it. You'll get a folder named "lenovo_autopatcher" with the following content:

IMPORTANT: Before applying the patch make sure you verify that your original image is not corrupted by dumping 1 or 2 additional images from your bios chip and comparing them. The original dump is THE ONLY WAY to recover your machine if something goes wrong!

From command line use either autopatch.cmd (Windows) or autopatch.sh (Linux) as follows:

autopatch <your_bios_image.ext>


The command will generate either your_bios_image_PATCHED.ext or your_bios_image_PATCHED_CLEAN.ext depending on the type of BIOS you are patching. The original dump will be left unchanged.

autopatch -h will output the help info for the command
autopatch --howto will output the following instructions on how to use the patched image:

STEP 1: Flash and replace current BIOS with the generated patch file
STEP 2: Boot the machine
STEP 3: Press ENTER/F1/etc. to enter BIOS settings
STEP 4: Enter any character when asked for Supervisor Password
STEP 5: Press enter when it shows Hardware ID
STEP 6: Press space bar 2x when asked
STEP 7: Turn off the machine
STEP 8: Restore original BIOS
STEP 9: Reset BIOS settings to factory default

When booting the patched BIOS you might have to:
- Hold the anti-tamper switch down the whole time (use tape)
- Remove the hard disk or replace it with a locked one


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